Sunday, January 30, 2011

Creating And Maintaining A Vehicle's Maintenance Schedule - a core function of Love My Vehicle

Vehicle enthusiasts are typically very conscientious about maintaining accurate maintenance records for their vehicles and for some it can border on passion. Love My Vehicle makes setting up and maintaining accurate vehicle maintenance schedules easy and intuitive by providing the user with the following abilities:
  • The ability to create maintenance schedule templates which are used to describe the nature of what an actual maintenance item is and which can be selectively applied to any vehicle they are maintaining with the software. Maintenance schedule templates define what the maintenance is, such as an oil change, as well as the mileage and days intervals between maintenance periods. So, for example, a user can define a maintenance schedule template for an Oil Change with a 3,000 mile interval and a 90 days interval. These 2 intervals, mileage and days, are used to determine when the next Oil Change is needed. So, for instance, the vehicle needs an oil change if the either the current mileage for the vehicle is 3,000 miles or greater than the mileage that was recorded the last time time the vehicle had an oil change or if the number of days since the last oil change is 90 days or greater. If either of these are true then the vehicle is flagged as requiring an oil change.
  • The ability to define warning intervals in miles and day which are just thresholds that are used to control when a vehicle is marked as soon needing or in need now of a particular scheduled maintenance.
  • The ability to create maintenance schedules for all their vehicles by picking and choosing from among all the available maintenance schedule templates they have created and modifying any of their default values to match the needs of any particular vehicle.
A Workflow As An Example Of Creating A Maintenance Schedul
Note: The following assumes that a user has entered the information into the system for all their vehicles. 

1) The user creates the various scheduled maintenance templates they will require for all their vehicles using the Manage Schedules feature which is found on the main menu's Manage tab. Here are images of 3 such maintenance schedule templates as viewed in the Manage Schedules view:

2) Using the Scheduling feature which is found on the Maintenance tab on the main menu the user selects a vehicle they want to create a maintenance schedule for. This opens the Edit Maintenance Schedule view as pictured below:
Notice that in the above image the 3 maintenance schedule templates the user previously created are displayed along with their default values. Also notice that none of them are selected as the user hasn't applied any of them to the vehicle yet.

3) The user then selects the Oil Change and Tune Up scheduled maintenance templates by clicking on their check boxes as pictured below:

Notice that in the above image the user hasn't modified any of the default interval values associated with the 2 scheduled maintenance schedules they selected to include in the vehicle's maintenance schedule.

4) The user tailors both of the selected scheduled maintenance schedules to match the requirements of the vehicle by changing their mileage and days intervals as pictured below:
5) The user also tailors the warning intervals they prefer for the vehicle as pictured below:

6) The user, now satisfied that they have created a maintenance schedule that matches the needs of the vehicle, clicks the Save Schedules button which saves the new maintenance schedule and then displays a view of the vehicle's maintenance schedule as pictured below:

As demonstrated by the previous workflow you can see how Love My Vehicle simplifies the process of creating maintenance schedules for all the vehicles that you have to manage whether it is only one or hundreds.

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